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What is the IKV SIS ro' ?
'Iv maH?

We are a "ship" or chapter of the Imperial Klingon Battle Fleet (IKBF),
a science fiction fan group in the Baltimore-Washington area whose
hobby is costuming as Klingons from the Star Trek universe.

We believe IKBF is the best-looking Klingon group on the East Coast.
And the IKV SIS ro' (literally the "Rain of Fist(s)") is the newest ship
in the fleet.

What do we do?
We meet monthly in the Chantilly Game Parlour, for Club sessions, and qepHommy (Klingon Language Lessons)
In addition to attending area Star Trek and general science fiction conventions, IKBF and the crew of the IKV SIS ro' gain honor and glory appearing a many local community and charitable events. We Host annual Klingon Feasts at several local conventions; Shore Leave & Farpoint. We appear annually in the Pasadena, Maryland, Thanksgiving Parade for the benefit of local food banks, as well as the Aberdeen Christmas Parade. IKBF has also appeared at/on:

*Baltimore-area TV for the Children's Miracle Network and Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethons,
*the Maryland Science Center,
*the Virginia Air and Space Center,
*the University of Maryland College Park art gallery,
*the Anne Arundel and Harford County Public Libraries.
  IKV Rain of Fists
tlhIngan wo' Duj SIS ro'

Fastest talking ship in the Imperial Klingon Battle Fleet

> We are the ONLY Klingons authorized and invited aboard the USS Enterprise.
The one in our United States Navy, not the other one, yet...

Our IKBF Ambassador recently completed an away mission to perform Shakespeare in the Parque.

You haven't heard SeqpIr, until you have heard Hamlet, in the original Klingon!